Big Star Wars OBJ giveaway – my favorite ships for free


Big Star Wars OBJ Give Away – my favorite ships for free. 3D models in OBJ format:

Dropship.obj CR-25 Troop Carrier
Geonosian battlecruiser.obj

Download link:


Recently someone asked me for an obj of a Star Wars ship I shared. Well, I decided to put together a free obj pack of a bunch of my favorite ships and vehicles.

Game Ready AT-AT, X-wing, A-wing, Blockade Runner, B-wing, Dropship, Imperial Shuttle, Rebel Transport, Snow Speeder, Tie Bomber, Tie Saber, Geonosian battlecruiser –
originally modeled in Maya. These are canon models based on the original ILM models and sets.

Clean, efficient and modeled to the highest polygon modeling standards. Polygon count is in tris.

The zip file includes:
– atat.obj
Tris: 6961
Verts: 4356

– Awing.obj
Tris: 3434
Verts: 1715

– BlockadeRunner.obj
Tris: 23902
Verts: 13805

– Bwing.obj
Tris: 3958
Verts: 2062

– Dropship.obj
Tris: 5351
Verts: 3290

– imperialShuttle.obj
Tris: 4389
Verts: 2450

– RebelTransport.obj
Tris: 11307
Verts: 6663

– Geonosian battlecruiser.obj
Tris: 2988
Verts: 1712

– SnowSpeeder.obj
Tris: 2493
Verts: 1527

– TieBomber.obj
Tris: 2798
Verts: 1460

– TieSaber.obj
Tris: 3558
Verts: 1973

– Xwing.obj
Tris: 3592
Verts: 1910

Artist: Mirena Rhee, a Lucasfilm Alumna.

Geonosian-battlecruiser-3d-model-01 Geonosian-battlecruiser-3d-model

star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_01 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_02 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_03 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_04 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_05 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_06 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_07 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_08 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_09 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_10 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_11 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_12 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_13 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_14 star-wars-vehocles-obj-giveaway_15