Consultation FAQ

Services overview

Consultation is offered at $50 for 60 minutes. Please, email or call beforehand for details. Consultation is conducted over email, Skype, Google Hangouts or in person. Office or Studio Visits need to be arranged beforehand and the fee is for 2 hours minimum. 

Please note, I specialize in the Art and Visual tracks of Game Development and can answer technical questions about Visual Development for Games – like budgets, tools for creating assets, workflows, best practices. Programming questions relating to gameplay, AI, physics simulation, rendering and pertaining technical issues can only be discussed in the context of Visual development.

Consultation topics

  • Video Game Development – Best Practices
  • Video Game Development – Content creation
  • Video Game Development – Art pipeline development
  • Video Game Development – Art Asset creation
  • Video Game Development – Worldbuilding and Level Layout
  • Video Game Development – Game Design
  • Video Game Development – Tools
  • Video Game Development – Project Management
  • Video Game Development – General questions
  • All and Anything 3D – 3D Art related questions, general workflow questions
  • Software Consultation – 3D Packages – Maya, 3ds max, Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop, Level editors, Unity, Unreal and many others
  • Digital Imaging Consultation – 2D Artwork related questions, Concept art
  • Portfolio Consultation for the Video Game Artist – Question on putting together your Portfolio, Portfolio review and recommendations
  • Career Consultation for becoming a Video Game Artist – The best part of being a Video Game Artist is the feeling of accomplishment and exposure. Your art will reach audiences all over the world, with the possibility of reaching millions of people. Career in Video Games is a growth career with constant learning
  • Consultation for a Career in 3D Art – If you a are traditional artist, a student, thinking of changing careers or simply curious about the process, what are the possibilities, and what makes the 3D industry tick