Carrie Fisher

Richard Miller, my sculpture teacher at Lucasfilm always said – push the clay up, because it comes down anyway.. because of gravity

Richard Miller - my sculpture teacher at Lucasfilm


He also designed Princess Leia’s gold bikini costume. And provided a letter of authenticity when the bikini sold at auction.

A letter of authenticity from designer Richard Miller, of the Star Wars creator George Lucas’s special effects firm Industrial Light and Magic, was included in the sale to an anonymous bidder by the Hollywood auctioneer Profiles in History on 2 October.

On the set, I would have to say, ‘Don’t blow up my planet, please!’ and all I’m doing is looking at a board with an X on it,” says Carrie Fisher in ‘Star Wars': Slaves to the ‘Empire’- A Rolling Stone article on the The Empire Strikes Back, circa 1980.

“There’s no place for personal triumph in a film like this,” says Harrison Ford dryly, referring to his return to the screen as mercenary adventurer Han Solo in Star Wars’ monumental sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. Although Ford shares star billing, he is painfully aware that he and the other featured performers are mere pawns in a projected nine-part series of sci-fi films, cartoonlike components with little more dimension than the hapless androids C-3PO and R2D2.

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