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Maya, 3ds max, Mudbox, Photoshop, Unity, Unreal, Proprietary Level Editors and Worldbuilding tools

Why Dimmerlight

There is a Magritte painting where a candle casts black light. In CG lighting, this is actually quite possible. There are subtractive lights you can use to diminish lighting in your scene. Dimmerlight alludes to this concept, the endless possibilities of CG. 

About Mirena Rhee

I am a NYC based artist, a Lucasfilm alumna and a former Star Wars artist.

Masters degree at the University of Cincinnati where I had a full scholarship and research assistantship at the Center for Electronic Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites. Worked as a 3D artist & digital painter in the Silicon Valley for companies like Lucasfilm, Activision, SEGA of America. After moving to New York I worked for mobile 3D for Gameloft, Moth & Flame VR and others.


About Lucasfilm

What is great about art is that it doesn’t need to work. Whether drawing or painting, or creating 3d artwork on the computer, it is always a flight of the imagination. It is not a house and is not bound by gravity. Everything is possible in art. What I always loved about the Star Wars universe is that everything in it looked well-worn and used, it felt like a real place. Artwork needs to be a part of a larger universe that an artist creates in their imagination. Currently I am working on a silly book about working as an artist in the Silicon Valley and Lucasfilm. I am not much of a writer but I am a drawer and decided to use cartoons whenever I run out of words. Work has always been for me a running means of gaining insight. The way I have measured my past experiences working is by the amount and quality of insight I have been able to obtain. And working for Lucasfilm gave me an insight into the inner working of one of the greatest creative enterprises on the planet.


Mirena Rhee & Star Wars artists at Lucasfilm – with Yoda


I loved working for George and I do consider him a maverick and a genius, a mastermind of the most exciting franchises of the 20th century, and a creator of the Visual Effects industry while at it. Star Wars invented the Visual Effects as we know them today, ILM pioneered CG and many practical effects for film. Pixar was originally a division of Industrial Lights and Magic.

What people don’t realize is that the Star Wars universe extends far beyond the horizon of the Star Wars films. As an artist at Lucasfilm I regularly buried myself in the ILM visual archives – called Paris and Pandora – and was often astounded by the amount and the quality of never used or released Star Wars artwork, created by numerous talented artists over many years. This affirmed my conviction that the power of Star Wars is far from accidental or trivial, it resides in the creative force and endeavor of many individuals who together, under George’s direction, created a compelling and engrossing universe. I am glad I took a part in it.

A great interview with the man.


Some of my commercial projects.

Why Dimmerlight again?

In case you are still wondering why dimmerlight, I often get emails from people selling light switches and it is only appropriate. The name came to me after I saw a Magritte painting called The Ignorant Fairy. I have always relied on my ignorance and find it more useful than anything I know.

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