Intro to Maya Modeling

Intro to Maya Modeling

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to the Surface Modeling techniques in Maya. Key Concepts and Tools used in the 3D modeling workflow, navigating the 3D modeling toolbox, understanding different types of Surfaces in Maya, Constructing and Editing surfaces, Component Editing, Transformations, overview of Modeling Techniques.

Student Outcomes

  • Students will learn Key Concepts of the 3D modeling workflow in Maya
  • Creating and Editing Geometry
  • Objects and Components
  • Transformations
  • Overview of Modeling techniques
  • Primitives
  • Polygon modeling
  • Curves
  • NURBS Surfaces
  • By the end of this course, each student will understand the modeling techniques in Maya and ready for further exploration of Maya, if they so choose, into texturing and lighting