Intro to Maya Materials & Lighting

Intro to Maya Materials & Lighting

Intro to Maya Materials & Lighting

Course Overview

This course serves as an introduction to Maya Materials, Lighting and Rendering. Materials are a critical part of creating great looking art in Maya. Materials interact with lights, so lighting drives some material choices. Just like in Real Life, a material is a visual consideration of many other factors besides color. In Maya you can subtly control transparency, incandescence, translucency, refraction, bumpiness, and many other user-controlled parameters. Attention to these details gives your rendered results more subtlety and complexity.

Student Outcomes

  • Key shading concepts – What are shaders?
  • Maya’s Hypershade, Hypershade Navigation
  • Basic Material Types, Material Attributes, Textures
  • Creating and editing Surface Materials
  • How Lights work: Lighting and Shadows
  • Rendering out a scene
  • Students will experience the shading, lighting and rendering workflow in Maya


Some Maya experience is necessary. All sessions include hands-on practice on Windows computers. This course is an introductory course and not suited for advanced 3D art professionals. Some experience with Windows computers required.